★ Chelsea Sarah★ (in_ur_eyes) wrote,
★ Chelsea Sarah★

This past weekend i went to Palm Springs where i thought so much about everything in my life, looking out into the clear sky full of stars. It just hit me that my brother is attending his 2 year of college and that he moved out of my house and got his own. There goes all of my childhood, playing hide and go seek, every game possible , even making up our own games ( Black)- hah no one will understand that one, blamming eachother for breaking something becuase we didnt want to get in trouble, nintendo 64, vacations, name calling,here my mom saying nick chelsea time for dinner,roller bladding riding bike,camparing who got the better one, or whose was faster, bragging to eachother watching eachother play sports there we were supporting eachother, my brother is the most amazing person in my life,hge may not come out like he's amazing but he has heart,he's always here for me and i would take a bullet for him, he has taught me so many things about from guys to drugs. he made sure i was safe- hahah. and having hot friends and him self too hitting on my friends. and it just hit me that now all i have are memories. Now i look into an empty room in my house getting the flashbacks. anwyways, look at our selfs, we're not freshman anymore, we're juinors,seniors and freshman in college, it's so weird how time can really past you by, I mean it seems like just yesterday were we were just entering Calabasas and we still have two more years, which wont seem like it. but this year, wow, I have learned so many things from people,mistakes, and my self. This year was like a roller coaster for me, I had my ups and downs, and the scariest and the saddest moments where i would just want to break down and cry becuase i felt like i had nothing else to do.Life is the biggest mystery novel, and I'm ready to take the new journey and solve the mystery. Im not going to be one of those people who are going to tey to leave out certain things in my past that i want to earse completely,becuase i want those things, those things made me feel so incrediably amazing and loved . I wish sometimes i could go back in time and make better decsions but i can't. I mean in high school your suppose to experience laughter,drugs,drama, friendships ( which i have the most amazing friends ever whom i cherish so much) and sometimes as much as you dont want to, you'll experience...love... whish is one of the best things and worse things that can ever happen to you.
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